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Since the Future Impact has a very powerful signal processor, it is able to emulate a huge amount of signal processing blocks (see the algorithm block diagrams: Harmonizer + distorsion, Oscillators, Effect Routing). On one side it contains a set of synthesizer blocks, like VCOs, VCAs, VCFs and envelope generators that can implement a mini Moog type synthesizer and much more than that; on the other side it contains signal processing blocks that are more traditional for processing the sound of an instrument, like harmonizer blocks, a distorsion, and formant filters. These two architectures complement each other in a very flexible way. A second VCF parallel to the first one can generate expressive human-like vowel sounds.

One unique feature of the FI I. is that it is able to reproduce with 100% accuracy the 9 original sounds of the highly reputed Deep Impact, which is not available on the market any more. Since the Deep Impact architecture is a small subset of the FI I., the Deep Impact can be emulated by just inhibiting many of the more advanced features and blocks of the FI I.

Some of the most powerful features of the FI I. are possible because it has a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT connector as well.

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